Agile Mumbai 2010


Test Automation strategies for Agile


We all have heard a lot about automation in agile. But most of the automation is related to unit testing. In agile methodology, the user’s requirements are given utmost importance. So it makes a strong case to focus on automating the business flows and not just the unit level test cases. Automation in itself is a complicated process. The changing nature of the requirements and the quick response time needed complicates automation further. Here we would like to present ‘Test Automation strategies for agile’.

  • Test automation strategies
  • Test automation strategies specific for agile
  • Test automation strategies for agile using open source tools like Sahi
  • Test automation strategies for agile using commercial tools like QTP
  • Limitations of test automation tools.
  • Tips and Techniques around automation framework


  • What are the Key drivers for automation?
  • What are the Challenges in Agile automation and How to deal with them?
  • How to automate?
  • Who will automate?
  • Which tool to select?
  • Commercial or open source?
  • What to automate?
  • Which features?
  • What does our experience says?


Speaker Profile:

Sunil Deshmukh

Sunil Deshmukh is a Lead Consultant at ZenTEST Labs, which is an independent software testing company. ZenTEST Labs provides industry leading test services for enterprise software applications & products, with major focus on Test automation.

Sunil has around 4 years of work experience in the Information Technology industry, mostly in Software testing (manual and automation). He has provided testing consulting services to companies like FundTech, M&I Bank, Tata Interactive systems, ITSoft, Dell (India) to name a few. Occasionally, he does corporate trainings & consulting on designing and implementing Automation Framework, designing testing strategies, etc. Sunil is Certified Software Test Engineer from QAI USA and holds Master in Computer Engineering.

His main areas of interest are - Automated functional testing and Automated test case creation.

Mukesh Mulchandani

CTO of ZenTEST Labs, Mukesh Mulchandani is the architect behind the organization’s various testing solutions and is responsible for establishing ZenTEST Labs as a key player in the software-testing domain. He has eight years of experience in the information technology industry, most spent in the banking and financial services sector. Before joining ZenTEST Labs, Mukesh worked with Kanbay, Capgemini Consulting, and Fortune 500 clients. He has played a major role in designing functional automation processes at the organizational level. A Certified Software Test Engineer and a Certified Product Consultant for WinRunner and QTP, Mukesh is a regular presenter at STARWEST and STAREAST. Contact Mukesh at [email protected].


Three learning’s that the talk will communicate to the participants are –

  1. Strategic planning is the key for successful test automation, for agile.
  2. Sahi – an open source tool that rocks.
  3. Automation frame work plays key role functional test automation


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