Agile Bengaluru 2010


Facilitating Dialogue in situations of Conflict

Level: Introductory

The secret to high performing XP teams is unfettered communication. And where there is communication, there’s bound to be conflict. Be it meetings or discussions around the table, when views collide we all notice conflict. This said why do some groups deal with conflict better? How can facilitators and team members ensure constructive dialogue in the face of conflicting perspectives?

Join Sumeet and Rixt for 90 minutes as they simulate a conflict situation to guide you through a self-discovery of how you can facilitate or participate effectively in situations of conflict. It should be fun!


This session runs in 3 distinct parts:
  • The Lead-in - including the Introduction and the exercise briefing
  • The conflict simulation
  • The Closure - including the reflections, debrief, summary and QnA

Learning outcomes

  • To learn what behaviour and facilitation patterns aid or hinder dialogue in conflict situations
  • To learn how to work effectively together in spite of differing values or priorities
  • To better understand the importance of effective dialogue
  • To strengthen team consensus reaching skills

Speaker profile

Sumeet Moghe is predominantly a Learning and Development practitioner with about 9 years in the industry, serving IT and ITES companies. His experiences in IT are primarily as an Agile coach and a Lean and Enterprise 2.0 consultant. Sumeet has a keen interest in Agile methods to not just develop software but to run projects and manage teams in different spheres. Sumeet is a recognised blogger and blogs at His detailed profile rests on the web at

Rixt is a Agile trainer/facilitator at ThoughtWorks and has been introducing new hires, freshers and laterals, to Agile and XP. She also work closely with off-shore Software delivery teams, facilitating retrospectives and team meetings. As a learning generalist, Rixt enables learning in the workplace through coaching and providing feedback. She is a Neuro Linguistic Programming Master Practioner and enjoys bringing NLP into an Agile work environment, discovering similarities between NLP and XP practices.


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