Agile Mumbai 2010


Analysis Anti-Patterns

A demonstration and discussion of business analysis anti-patterns, particularly as they apply to and impact agile projects. These anti-patterns range from BA behavior with customers to BA behavior with their own team members

Format - 60 mins Tutorial

I've presented something similar internally at TW on general business analysis anti-patterns, a lot of which apply to analysis on all kinds of projects, not just agile ones. For the conference I wish to expand the list of patterns (3 added at the end of the slide deck) and draw out how these anti-patterns affect agile projects in particular, based on my experiences doing analysis at ThoughtWorks. We will use a mock customer statement "I want a cow" and weave in short role-plays around that to demonstrate each anti-pattern. Plan is to keep this as slide-lite as possible, present the content in a humourous way and let the audience share their own experiences with the patterns presented.

Speaker Background in Agile

3 years working on agile projects with Thoughtworks, as analyst, project manager and now agile process coach

Speaker Profile

Tarang works with ThoughtWorks as a Project Manager and Business Analyst. He has 9 years of experience in a variety of roles spanning analysis, project management, IT strategy consulting, business process consulting, and software process coaching. Tarang has extensive experience working with distributed software delivery teams.


3 key learning the tutorial will communicate to the participants:

  • What to watch out for when doing analysis on agile projects (What are the anti-patterns?)
  • What harm poor analysis practices can cause to agile projects (What harm can the anti-patterns cause?)
  • What analysts can do to avoid / minimize the impact of poor analysis practices (How to avoid these anti-patterns?)


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