Agile Mumbai 2010


Agile Fiascos - Art Gallery

Oscar Wilde said "Experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes." All of us have made or seen others make mistakes in implementing Agile and have learnt our lessons from them. In this session we invite you to tell the story of the fiasco through a picture, a cartoon or any other creative visual.

In the end we will all look at each others' posters and then vote for the best.

Session Type: Workshop, 60 min.


  1. Introduction (5 min)
  2. Time to show off the artist in you (20 min)
  3. Everyone visits all the entries and votes for their favourite (15 min)
  4. Top 3 entries get prizes and an opportunity to talk about their stories in more detail (20 min)
  5. We will keep all the entries on display during the conference for other participants' benefit
  6. We will post the pictures online after the session for the rest of the community

Key Learnings and Outcomes

  • Learn from others' experiences in a memorable way
  • Share your stories creatively and get appreciations from your colleagues
  • A chance to exercise both halves of your brain

Speaker Profiles

Chirag Doshi

Chirag has over 8 years of experience in software development in various roles developer, analyst, architect and agile coach. In the last 4.5 years of his work with ThoughtWorks he has been part of agile teams of different sizes ranging from 2 to almost 200.

Dhaval Doshi

Dhaval has over 2 years of experience in software development. He has been working as a Developer in various big and small Agile projects in ThoughtWorks. He has developed in Java, Ruby and C#. He has submitted a couple of papers for the IEEE magazine and likes to conduct guest lectures at Engineering colleges.


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